Teeth Whitening Chester

Need Teeth Whitening in Chester? We now offer teeth whitening services in all of our Chester dental clinics to give your teeth a sparkling clean. Look like a celebrity and feel like a superstar without the celebrity price tag.

The fact is that many of the problems people face with stained or even yellow teeth cannot be solved by brushing. Inf act, you could brush and brush without any results. As surprising as this is for many people, the reason is due to the structure of teeth and how the stains develop.

Stains are either intrinsic or extrinsic, with extrinsic stains being easier to remove with a good toothpaste. The extrinsic staining is situated on the enamel of the tooth whereas intrinsic is deep within the tooth on something called dentine. The dentine is what gives our teeth the pearly translucence when it is squeaky clean. Unless the stains on the dentine are uplifted using a teeth whitening technique, the teeth will never be as white as you want them.

How We Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

Years of coffee, tea, wine and smoking can all play their part to discolouring your smile but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The stains can be reached through the dentine via dentinal tubules. We use a gel that is oxidised via a cool laser and that oxidising action lifts up the stains.

The treatment is completely pain free and finished in an hour so you can even drop by in your lunch break. Results are immediate and often surprise our patients.

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